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Product Line Card
M24235/1 HT and HY80 Tubes
Sizes 1 Through 3 - Sizes 4 Through 9
M24235/2 Packing Kits for HT and HY80 Tubes
Sizes 1 Through 3 - Sizes 4 Through 9
M24235/3 Ballast Tank Assemblies
M24235/4 Packing Assemblies for Ballast Tank
M24235/5 Ballast Tanks
M24235/6 Packing Assemblies for Ballast Tank
M24235/7 Type 5 Pressureproof Stuffing Tubes
M24235/8 Type 6 Pressureproof Stuffing Tubes
M24235/9 Type 48-6 and 48-5 Stuffing Tubes
M24235/10 Type 30-2A Stuffing Tubes
M24235/11 Weather Deck Outlet ( 9000-S6202-74438 )
M24235/12 Split Stuffing Tubes ( 9000-S6202-F-93937 )
M24235/13 Type 21 and 22 StuffingTubes
M24235/14 Type 51 and 51B Stuffing Tubes
M24235/15 Stuffing Tubes Fitters
M24235/17 Stuffing Tube Swaged
Bulkhead Tubes - Deck Tubes
M24235/18 Stuffing Tube Swaged Reduced Cable
Bulkhead Tubes - Deck Tubes
M24235/19 Stuffing Tube Sealing Plugs
9000-S6202-74121 Type 64 and 65 Stuffing Tubes
9000-S6202-74269 Type 66 and 67 Stuffing Tubes
9000-S6202-74385 Method Tubes (CS-0030-002)
M19622/1 Nylon Stuffing Tubes (Straight) Type
M19622/2 Nylon Stuffing Tubes (90 Degree) Type
M19622/3 Nylon Stuffing Tubes (NPT) Type
M19622/4 Nylon Stuffing Tubes ("Y" Type) Type
M19622/16-24 Nylon Packing Assemblies
MIL-P-16685 Preformed Packing for Military Tubes
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MIL-P-16685 Packing Bulk Spools
Commercial Terminal Tubes Male and Female, Commercial Packing
9000-S6202-73980 Copper Thimbles / Ferrules
9000-S6202-73980 Sealing Plugs for HT and HY80 Tubes
9-S-5100-L Type 46,47 and 48 Stuffing Tubes
9-S-5457-L Type 59 and 59B Tubes
9-S-5621-L Type 60 and 60B Stuffing Tube
9-S-5621-L Type 62 and 62B Stuffing Tube
Accessories Adapters Reduced Cable Submarine Tubes
9000-S6202-73980 Weld Pads
43689-300-4498825 Mounting Spools